Unleashing AI in Your Organisational Change Communications

Allan O
8 min readSep 2
an enticing book cover for a book about using AI tools, techniques and research about human psychology for better organisational change communications with an AI tool enhancing the brain which overlooks an organisational change message, and a robot with “AI is here” clearly written on its chest and a psychology symbol on another part of the brain, photo, wallpaper
Source: Ideogram.ai by Allan Owens

Organisational change communications — good ones — need finesse and experience. Conveying intricate ideas with clarity isn’t easy. As a student of this game, I understand that it’s not easy to influence hordes of often indifferent, time-poor people. I’m happy to share the meagre crumbs that I know about the tools helping me.

My foray into Artificial Intelligence tools for change:

The journey begins by acknowledging the potential of AI tools. A skilled bike rider chooses an e-bike to conquer challenging terrains. I ride a Brompton fold-up bike and love it. Yet I had a go at the e-bike equivalent and saw how it supercharges my journey. An organisational change professional harnesses AI to navigate the complex landscape of communication. AI augments my writing and graphic design skills.

If you have a visionary bent, AI brings your ideas to life much more easily. Rather than trawl through stock photos or scan through other people’s content for great turns of phrases, AI helps. Writer’s block or waiting for creative inspiration is now redundant. You still need to do the hard work — the proverbial peddling of your bike. Yet AI is the electric charge that kicks in and is like a gust of wind pushing your bike along. So too with your change communications campaigns. If I can do it, so can you.

If you don’t have a visionary style, and like to play it safe, AI helps too. You can shape your work under the artificial eye of an on-demand editor. You can begin by creating impactful content with tools such as the Hemingway App and Grammarly.com. Crafting effective messages in organisational change communications is like planning a trip. I start with the Hemingway App. I often create an outline of a message. Later I add details to make it interesting and clear.

Elevating Communication Strategies:

The fusion of human expertise and AI-powered tools cultivates exceptional communication strategies. We begin by crafting a visual journey with Ideogram.ai and Midjourney, turning words into compelling images. AI becomes our muse when inspiration wanes, courtesy of ChatGPT 4 and its plugins. You can generate ten variations of a change message, and prompt Chat GPT to…

Allan O

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