I have a love/hate relationship with writing. So why do I do it? I love to share my knowledge with my community. For most of my life, I’ve been soaking up knowledge. At the age of 43 I want to give back. …

Workaholism. An enduring, compulsive drive to keep going. Workaholism is not a constructive way to live — those with this unusual drive risk burnout, coronary disease and even early death.

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“Workaholism involves an inner compulsion to work, having persistent thoughts about work, experiencing negative emotions when not working, and working…

What is a practical five-step method for tackling complex organisational change?

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Simplicity. It doesn’t seem like we often encounter simplicity in business, especially at the higher levels of large organisations. In Edward DeBono’s book Simplicity, he rightly says, “Almost everyone sees a value in simplicity. Why?”

Yet what happens when…

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Solutions to complicated social problems will almost always meet resistance. For example, getting a population double vaccinated is a fascinating case study, and it teaches us about the psychology of resistance.

Without getting into the politics of vaccination, I am reassured by one thing. People’s varied behaviours during pandemics repeat…

Can an AI-powered mind mapping tool help Change Managers and other project professionals?

Allan Owens from Human Factors Advisory uses the AI application generate ideas.AI. This screen shows the opening screen where you can choose from a number of problem-solving approaches, and a 50 character comment box so you can generate an AI based mind map.
Source: Allan Owens, using Generate ideas. AI (under licence)

When I use artificial intelligence applications, it feels like asking a smart kid their opinion. The response is quite an interesting mixed bag. Answers range from completely missing the mark to somewhat intriguing. The more complex the…

Organisational change management is a heady fusion of three talents. These talents: business analytics, emotional intelligence and creativity. Leading change results in complicated human challenges and data-heavy conundrums.

Yet project scope, stakeholder dynamics and change readiness evolve. How do we stay on top of everything?

Measuring your change’s influence is…

Here’s something that seems rarely spoken about: sparkling mental health and well-being. What is it, and where do you start?

Source: Author. At Norah Head, on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Guess what I received when I googled terms like “superior mental health” or “above average mental health”? Sites that help you get from below-average mental health to perhaps a sort…

Allan Owens

Australian Change Lead: 8 years experience. Author of The Change Manager’s Companion. https://www.humanfactorsadvisory.com.au/the-change-managers-companion

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