I have a love/hate relationship with writing. So why do I do it? I love to share my knowledge with my community. For most of my life, I’ve been soaking up knowledge. At the age of 43 I want to give back. I hope you find my writing equal parts entertainment and practical wisdom.

The Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia was a wonderful place to grow up. I lived on a five-acre property at Wyee Point, on the far north of the Central Coast. Fifteen minutes in one direction took me to the Watagan Mountains. I could…

This big and scary looking robot looks like a mishmash of different machines and circuitry. Yet the long-term viability about our scary but beautiful robot is found in how the individual components which make up the robot work together!
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Not long ago, I spoke with a recruiter and learned about a particular role they had in mind for me. The role leads a system implementation. It looked like a hybrid project and also a change leadership role. While experience is hard-earned, I find it gives you invaluable pattern recognition. So when this recruiter was trying to sell me this role, my mind immediately went to the project team’s composition. This composition spoke to the likelihood of the project being delivered and of a successful change in the eyes of the end-users.

My recruiter friend’s response soon made it clear…


Imagine if you are leading a change, and your sponsor briefs you on your responsibility as a Change Lead:

“You have to work with between ten and twelve thousand employees across a large geographic in the next twelve months.

You need to ensure they are aware of a change to the employee experience. Your role is to help already change-fatigued employees adjust to this Change. Oh, this includes working with their employee union).

Most importantly, you have to ensure they are sufficiently skilled in this new way of working so we have a smooth change.”

Been there, done that. Being…

Source: The Change Manager’s Companion, by Allan Owens (Human Factors Advisory)

In the age of Tik Tok, it seems that about anyone can produce impactful content. But not you, right? You’re too busy leading projects, change or trying to keep up with your workload. And your workload is about to increase- there are lots of people out there you need to persuade. Surely there is a budget for a marketing or creative agency to produce a video for you?

Maybe there is a better, more pragmatic way for you?

Not long ago, I was involved in a short and commercially sensitive change. Several teams were involved in triaging upset people involved…

“A scrappy, resourceful entrepreneur.”

Sharon Connolly, Change Manager and founder of Change Superhero.

Would you associate the qualities and mindset behind someone like this with a Change Manager? I would hope so.

Sharon Connolly and Allan Owens: Two Change Managers… both from IT Training backgrounds.

I had the pleasure of spending time with Sharon Connolly a few weeks ago.

Sharon is a full-time Change Manager, working in the banking and finance industry. Sharon is also the founder of Change Superhero, an organisation dedicated to helping change and project professionals get the most out of Microsoft Office (and amazing templates!) for their change initiatives.

Check out the Human Factors Advisory YouTube channel covering our…

Hello there! I hope you enjoyed the first edition of HF & C. Please let me know if you didn’t receive this and would like a copy.

While Human Factors and Change helps you learn techniques to change others, this edition helps you change… well, you!

I am delighted to bring you our second edition of Human Factors and Change.

Please enjoy an eight-part series on powerful sports and performance psychology techniques and insights. We explain how each technique helps you become a higher-performing business professional.

Expect some thought-provoking material and ideas to consider and practice. See what “inner game”…

If you are responsible for influencing the behaviour of hundreds or thousands of people, where do you begin? Here is one emerging area of thought and practice: Gamification.

“Gamification is about using game-like setups to increase user motivation for behaviors that businesses target.” — Akar Sumset

Image by Marc Rickertsen from Pixabay

Do you use social media regularly (perhaps too regularly)? If so, you may feel the time-consuming impact of addictive social media applications. It is possible to apply the fun and engaging techniques of game mechanics into a non-game environment. This includes changes to the employee experience.

Are User Experience (UX) professionals well ahead of…

“Success in a sport at the highest level is ten per cent physical and ninety per cent mental.”

- Gavin Freeman, Australian Sport Psychologist 1

Why is the space between our ears so powerful?

Society has recently shown great interest in positive psychology and mental wellbeing. Yet in business, the idea of relaxation and restoration in forging higher productivity levels is still somewhat taboo.

High-level athletes have consulted sports psychologists. Athletes reap the benefits of a solid mental game from evidence-based psychological techniques. Arguably, much of this benefit is from experimenting with techniques that work for them. These techniques are both behavioural and cognitive/thinking based.

Rest is important to…

“Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.”

– Malcolm Gladwell

Self-coaching may be one way to calibrate your aim at your goals.
Photo by Adam McCoid on Unsplash

10,000 hours of deliberate practice. This number may be “conventional wisdom” in certain quarters 1. Has it taken you five to ten years of constant slog to become good at your role on a project or in leading a team? It might take several years of learning on the job, mistakes, and exposure to various project environments. A necessary apprenticeship for budding change, project and business professionals to build and broaden their skillset.

But is the 10,000-hour rule…

Allan Owens

Australian Change Lead: 8 years experience. Author of The Change Manager’s Companion. https://www.humanfactorsadvisory.com.au/the-change-managers-companion

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